Castle of Sirok




We enter a special site as the builders of the castle in the 13th century carved tunnels and smaller-bigger premises in the volcanic tufa by making use of the inside of the mountain. 
The army of Charles Anjou of the Aba genus occupied it and the inhabitants of the nearby villages became servants on the estates of the castle. 




In the 1560's the Castle Bottom with its cannoned bastions was constructed but in vain as its coward guards gave it up to the Turkish without any fight. The mercenaries of the emperor recaptured it after approximately 100 years who exploded parts of the defence works.
Weather conditions did harm to its deserted walls while since the 1960's the castle ruins, which are in harmony with nature, have been restored in several stages. The huge rocks named as Friar and Nun can be found nearby which, according to the legend, hide lovers who turned into rock after being unhappy.




 In 1693 it was owned by a Marquis , who tried to rebuilt the castle.


Then the castle was unfortunately destroyed  , it was only recorded as a ruin.




The rhyolite ( dacite ) built tuff rock , irregularly shaped citadel is divided into two parts : upper and lower castle.






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