Equestrian Tourism

Karap Horse Farm

  • Address: Felsõtárkány, Ady E. utca 92.
  • Contact Person: Karap Péter
  • Web:
  • Tel.: +36-20-40-44-288

The riding school in the Parish Beech Mountain Gate, the Bükk National Park at the foot of the beautiful surroundings. The rider rides the Beech Mountain and the surrounding hills are possible. The guided tours and horse training, education (well-trained horses) Karap Peter, the owner keeps riding school. Tour assistance and education in English and Hungarian. The star tours and hiking tours degree of difficulty can be varied as

Egeresvölgyi Horse Farm

  • Address: Felsõtárkány, Egeresvölgy 1.
  • Contact PersonNaár Ákos
  • Web:
  • Tel.: +36-20-502-8433

Camps for children as well as possible for a good barbecue party at the foot of Beech Mountain, a beautiful natural environment. Noble bloodline horses to children and adults alike learn the ancient science of riding.


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