The Garadna valley formed at the confluence of two streams what makes a  small natural lake. The place is named after Count Bethlen Andrew's minister of agriculture , who nemd the city after his wife, Lilla Vay in 1892.

At Lillafüred, tourists can find 3 caves, and every cave has some characteristics style

Anna - limetuffcave limestones keep some special floral samples, because of its formation they are rarity.

The Stephen cave is the largest stalactite cave in the area . Best halls of the cave are the Great Hall , the Theatre and the Lookout . Some halls of respiratory patients are cured .

The Szeleta Cave from Lillafüred a steep slope away. Kadic under Ottokar exploring hundreds of thousands of years of chipped stone tools, which the authors named by the cave Szeleta culture ( seletion scientific parlance ) .


Hamor lake

The Hamor lake at the Garadna valley because of the impact of the limestone tuff dam of the Sinva creek was formed.

Otto Herman 's House


At the end of Herman Otto 's life often spent his time at the scene of his childhood, at Alsóhámor, where today we can find the museum.

Molnár ? rock


At the Hámor Valley, is a big rock with a cross,is two different legends disclosure. According to one of the rock gets its name from that jumped off the poor miller and the rich miller 's daughter, who could not belong to each other . A less known, but another legend, an old miller jumped off the cliff when he found out  that his young wife cheated him.



It is a rock what provides a great view ( White Rock ),and under the rock is valley -like hill side.

Trout Ranch

Lillafüred Garadna few kilometers away from the valley of the trout farm , thanks to an abundant resource. Visitors here can enjoy fresh grilled fish , some people can go shopping here . Similar to the trout ranch in the Szalajka Valley.

Hámor Rock


Before Lillafüred , Miskolc , a kilometer towards the valley transforms a glen . This is popular for climbers. In late January ice climbing competition are regularly held .




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