Bogács  is a real gem in the bottom of the Bükk, at the junction of the mountain ad the Plain from Mezőkövesd 10 km, and  Eger, 18 km  away. Name of the old Slavic word Bogatu derive. It means rich.

Nature has generously handing out treasures in these parts since the depths of the earth cracking 72 C thermal wait for those who seeking treatment. In natural conditions established by utilizing the thermal baths and pools in summer and winter is a popular place to relax.



The sulphurous thermal water efficiently will help rheumatism, arthritis and locomotor diseases, bronchitis, gynecological and liver diseases, skin diseases. The steaming hot water on the coldest days makes bathing a pleasant experience.






At thesunny hillside produced excellent grapes and wines .The Bükk Mountain is great for trips with its beautiful panoramic view.

 At Bogács, tourists can do a lot of outdoor activities, like hunting, riding, fishing.








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