Aggtelek is a village in Borsod- Abaúj -Zemplén County, Edelény region,  50 miles northwest of Miskolc , near the Slovakian border. Nearby is the country 's most famous stalactite caves , the Baradla Domica cave system .

The word " Aggtelek " to " Ag " ( Og ) his name and " " plot "( Tartars deserted at the time of settlement ) composition has evolved , first in the form of a document dated 1346 was read. Formerly known as ( a 1295 magazine ) " Nova" (referred to in this Slavic word meaning " new settlers ").



The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times , scientist found here cultural artifactsof the Bükk mountain . The town is populated at the time of the conquest , but after a Mongolian invasion  remained uninhabited for decades .

Found during the archaeological excavations numerous findings show that some of the caves of prehistoric man have been well described , in fact, used the residence . With thousands of artifacts came from  the Neolithic Age, 6000-7000 years  Scientists found several artifacts from the early Iron Age (for gold jewelry , combat equipment).



Aggtelek area and thus both above ground and underground unique sights for visitors . The Cave Baradla excellent acoustics , exceptional concert hall has developed a unique experience for classical music concerts are held in caves .

Due to the town 's natural assets for tourism today is a high priority. The UNESCO 1995th December 6, are stimulating Karst and Slovak Karst caves , including the Baradla Domica cave system and the Peace Cave was declared part of world heritage .


Attractions : Baradla cave, cave museum , Aggteleki National Park, Calvinistic church .





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